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Things That Can’t Be Recycled in Miami, Florida –

Given the desperate condition that our planet is in, recycling and doing all we can do to help it recover is a must. In that effort to help the environment, we must know how to differentiate between things that can be reused and those that will definitely end up in landfills.

If you recycle, knowing what items can’t be recycled as well as how to properly recycle without contaminating anything is crucial. In this post, we talk about things that can’t be recycled.

1. Plastic wrap. You might be surprised to learn that plastic wrap that is so handy in the kitchen can’t be recycled. Instead, what you can do is reduce your use of plastic wrap or replace it altogether with reusable items such as tin foil (which can be used multiple times), glass containers, fabric bowl covers, etc.

2. Pots and pans. If your metal pot or pan is broken, you should know that it can’t be recycled, just like metal clothes hangers.

3. Pizza boxes. Who doesn’t love pizza, right? However, even though pizza comes in a cardboard box, it gets greased and is, therefore, not recyclable. Any greased or otherwise contaminated paper or cardboard should not go into the recycling bin.

4. Ceramics. Ceramics and oven-safe pieces can’t be recycled either. Basically, all the cookware that is made from the material designed to endure high heat is non-recyclable.

5. Disposable coffee cups. The standard coffee cups you get when you grab a coffee to go can’t be recycled. These cups are made from paper but are lined with plastic. Instead, it’s best to carry your own reusable coffee cup whenever you want to grab some coffee.

6. Lids and caps. Lids and caps on water bottles are usually non-recyclable. Not just that, but lids from sodas and cleaning products also fall into this category.

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