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Even though recycling isn’t a new concept, as climate change concerns rise, it is becoming more and more important for everyone to be involved in doing their part to help the planet.

On average, a person generates about 4.9 pounds of waste every day. Only a fraction of that waste is recycled. And not everything that ends up in recycling centers is actually recycled. A lot of it is rejected and thrown away. If we all made an effort to recycle more, we would help the planet immensely, and right now, that is exactly what it needs.

In this post, we’ll share tips on how to recycle more effectively:

Separate the waste. The first step you need to make when recycling is to separate the recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Use separate garbage containers for this.

Know which recyclables have the biggest impact. Recyclables with the greatest impact are cans, plastic bottles and containers, paper, steel containers, and cardboard. Preferably, these items should always be recycled and not dumped into landfills where they will sit for hundreds of years.

Keep recyclables clean. Bottles, cans, and other items you recycle should be clean. Contaminated paper and cardboard cannot be recycled. To achieve this, you should always keep recyclables in a separate garbage can from the rest of the waste such as grease, foods, and liquids.

Compress the bottles. When recycling, you should always compress plastic bottles and place the lid back on. Earlier, back when we were new to recycling, we were encouraged to remove the lids from the bottles but the recycling process has since been refined and improved so it is safe to leave them on.

Don’t shred the paper. Shredding the paper can result in a wasted effort because it might be rejected by recycling centers. If the paper is torn into pieces that are too small, chances are small that it can’t be recycled into high-quality material. Contact now us and ask about our recycling service.

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