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Estate Clean Out Services

estate clean out service

Estate Clean Out

Simply put, it is the complete removal of all appliances, furniture, kitchenware, foodstuffs, and personal items from a specific home or property, so that it appears to be a newly constructed home. Though the names are self-explanatory, there is a distinct difference between a ‘house clean-out’ and a ‘estate clean-out.’

A ‘house clean-out’ is similar to the previous definition and is frequently performed when the inhabitants of a house are moving to a new home, renovating it completely, or for any other reason that requires them to completely clear out their home. An ‘estate clean-out’ is a little different in that it frequently involves unfortunate circumstances, such as a divorce or the death of a homeowner.

During an estate clean-out, the homeowner or a relative removes all assets from their home in order to potentially sell and liquidate, or divide among inheritors. In both cases, performing such a large task can be extremely difficult, which is why professional movers, such as our team at Ready2go Dumpsters, offer quality property clean-out services.

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Flood

Regardless of the circumstances, performing a total house clean-out is a big job with a lot of details to keep track of. As property clean-out experts, here are a few pointers to keep in mind for your next clean-out:

Be as Thorough as Possible in Your Removal

Examine everything carefully in order to keep track of everything that has been removed from your home. Examine every box, container, shelf, drawer, and even the pockets on clothing. An in-depth inspection will provide you with the satisfaction of knowing what has been removed and who owns each item.

Locate Critical Documents

Important documents such as birth certificates, insurance policies, wills, trusts, bank statements, tax returns, and other important financial documents should be gathered as soon as possible in the course of your clean-out, whether they are physically stored in print or digitally stored on the hard drives of various devices. Whether they are yours or those of a deceased relative, keeping these in order is often critical for you later on.

Take All Valuables

Before you begin cleaning out your home, you should remove any valuable items and memorabilia, in addition to vital legal and financial documents. The process can be tedious enough that someone may inadvertently damage or forget important items.

Consider Donating/Selling

Before cleaning out your home, you may realize that there is far too much stuff for a thorough clean-out. Consider selling useless items. You can accomplish this by holding a yard sale or donating your items to a local thrift store or the Salvation Army. Or, even better, allow us to assist you in properly donating, recycling, and disposing of your items.

Think About Hiring an Estate Liquidator

Estate liquidators appraise and sell all of the items in an estate to the highest bidder. If you are a senior moving into assisted living or a relative of a deceased family member, this can help reduce the number of items you need to transport once your house has been cleaned out.

Other Waste Removal

The cost of removing all other trash is difficult to estimate. Most junk removal companies charge by the truck (volume), and determining how much trash you have is difficult. Making a staging area in the garage is a good way to organize and get a visual, and most junk removal companies will provide free estimates. Prices vary greatly, but a full truckload with labor should cost around $700 or less. You can use our book now tool to get an idea of how much it will cost!

Dumpsters could be an option. Rates vary greatly, but many 30 yard containers cost $400 – $500 per container, and many charge daily rental rates as well as additional rates per ton of material removed. Contact Ready2go Dumpsters now and request a free estimate.

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