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Dumpster Rental FAQ

Will my dumpster have a door that swings open?

Yes. All of our dumpster rentals at Ready2Go Dumpsters will have a hinged back door that will easily swing open.

Does the dumpster have a cover or lid?

No. Roll-off dumpster rentals do not include any type of cover or lid. We recommend using a tarp to cover the dumpster to prevent nearby residents from throwing unwanted trash in your dumpster.

How is the weight of my debris determined?

The truck that carries the roll off dumpster drives onto a scale at the disposal facility where an initial weight is recorded. Next, the truck empties the contents and drives onto the scale again to record the weight of the truck and the empty dumpster. The difference between the first and second weight is the weight of the debris in the dumpster. All of our scales are regulated by the state bureau of weights and measures.

What type of trash may incur extra costs?

Large and bulky electronic waste items, mattresses, tires, and items containing freon may incur a per-item fee at the disposal facility. Every situation is different, so please contact us for more details.

What materials are prohibited?

Hazardous waste is prohibited. This includes chemical products, herbicides, pesticides, radioactive material, solvents, flammable liquids, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil, contaminated oils mixed with solvents, gasoline, antifreeze, petroleum contaminated soil, lead paint chips, microwaves, fluorescent tubes, medical waste, asbestos, and animals.

Contact us and let us know what you plan on using the dumpster for. We’ll let you know if any of your items are prohibited.

What does the price include?

The price of our dumpster rentals include a one-time delivery and removal for the selected roll off dumpster, a disposal weight allowance, and the agreed upon rental period.

How many tons can I put in my roll off dumpster?

This depends on the size of the dumpster you rent. With that being said, the Department of Transportation regulations limit the weight of any roll off dumpster to approximately 15 tons.

Please review the applicable additional weight charges per the terms and conditions of your agreement. Contact us for more information.

Will I be billed for extra weight?

Yes. If the weight of the materials in your dumpster exceeds the included weight quoted in your order confirmation, you will be charged for the additional weight. We are charged by weight at the disposal facility and we pass along this charge accordingly.

Will the dumpster cause driveway damage?

Driveway damage is unlikely. With that being said, please be aware of the possibility of damage caused by the weight of the dumpster as it’s being filled with heavy debris.

As a precaution, you can place 4′ x 8′ sheets or plywood on your driveway where the dumpster will be placed. This will prevent scratches or cracks on your driveway.

Do I need a dumpster permit?

Dumpster permits are typically only required when placing a dumpster on public property such as a street, easement, or sidewalk.

Contact us or your local township office to determine exact permit requirements for your specific situation. Permit requirements can vary based on placement.

Can I put the roll off dumpster on the street?

Permits are often required for to place dumpsters on the street. Check with your local municipality for more information.

How large of a space do I need for delivery of the roll off dumpster?

This depends on the size of the dumpster you rent. It is recommended to allow 4 feet of clearance on all sides of the dumpster to assure adequate clearance.

How far in advance do I need to order a dumpster rental?

Depending on availability, we can deliver the dumpster the same day. But generally speaking, we recommend ordering at least 24 hours in advance to ensure we have a dumpster available.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit / debit cards and Paypal. Payments can be made online or over the phone.

Is it necessary for someone to be there at the time of delivery and removal?

It is preferred, but not required. The driver will place the roll off dumpster in the safest accessible area. You will be responsible for all charges involved if you request for the dumpster to be relocated.

During removal, you must provide unobstructed access to the roll off dumpster on the scheduled pick-up day. If the dumpster is inaccessible, you will be charged for a wasted trip.

What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Call us and have your confirmation and/or order number available. If the dumpster is already en-route, you may be charged a wasted trip fee.

What if my dumpster is full and I need another dumpster?

Call us and we’ll empty the dumpster and return it to you. There will be a repeat charge equal to the amount you paid for your previous rental.

How long may I keep the roll off dumpster?

The included rental period and extended rental fee is always disclosed in our quote. Be sure to ask about the included rental time and extended rental fees if you’re unsure.

Extended rental fees will apply if you keep the dumpster longer than the agreed upon rental period.

Do I need to schedule removal of my dumpster?

Yes. Let us know when you’re finished with the dumpster and we’ll remove it. We don’t automatically remove the dumpster at the end of the included rental period.

We’ll only remove the dumpster when you’re ready. Extended rental fees will apply.

What if I need to keep my roll off dumpster longer or have it removed sooner?

Just give us a call and we’ll accommodate you. Have your confirmation/order number available.

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Ready2Go Dumpsters provided excellent service. I called a few times to inquiry about pricing and to find out the process for getting a bin. They provided me with the information I needed and their pricing was consistent.

Greg Ross, Local ResidentOrlando, Florida

I have Ready2Go Dumpsters over the past 4 years for small dumpsters and large ones. They are always on time for both delivery and pickups. Very professional and follow up over the phone all the time.

Jeff Gemmell, Construction Site ManagerMiami Beach, FL

Ready2Go Dumpsters have been great to work with. They are very friendly and have always gone above and beyond to make sure that as a customer, I am satisfied. As a contractor I plan on using them for future work!

Mark Levin, ContractorHollywood, Florida
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