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Paper & Cardboard Recycling

paper and cardboard recycling

Recycling Services

Paper and cardboard recycling is critical because Americans use millions of tonnes of paper, paperboard, and cardboard each year. About 24 trees are cut down for every ton of non-recycled printing and computer paper produced.

A ton of newsprint requires approximately 12 trees; 8 trees are required to produce lower-end magazine paper and slightly more than 15 trees are required to produce higher-end virgin magazine paper. This means that on average, 17 trees are needed to produce a ton of virgin paper.

Recycling not only saves millions of trees, but it also will save 40% of fossil fuels in the production process. Contact us and we’ll recycle your paper and cardboard for you.

Recycling Paper and Cardboard Process

When taking paper to a cardboard recycling center, the first step is to remove any other garbage that is not paper. The sheet is then graded and sorted. The width of the fibers in paper determines its grade, which shortens with each recycling.

Paper can be repurposed five to seven times before the fibers are too short to be used to make new paper. When this occurs, virgin fibers are combined with recycled fibers. Printing paper is a high-quality paper, whereas newspaper is a lower-quality paper that has already been recycled several times.

When paper is processed, it is kept in bales until it is needed by a mill. When the paper arrives at the mill, it is torn up into small pieces. The paper is then mixed with water and chemicals. This is heated, causing the paper pieces to dissolve into fibers. Sealants and any other contaminants that remain in the mixture are then removed by passing it through a screen.

The paper is then cleaned by spinning it in a cone-shaped cylinder, and in some cases, ink is also removed. Following that, the pulp is sprayed onto a production line by a machine. Water drips through the screen of the belt, and the paper fibers begin to bond together. The paper is then dried using heated metal rollers before being placed on large rolls to be made into fresh paper products.

Despite the fact that more paper is now made from recycled materials, a substantial amount of paper still thrown away. This means that there is a lot that can be done to eliminate pollution. Below is how you can pitch in.

Paper For The Office

If high-quality papers, such as printing paper, are segregated from other waste paper, they can be recycled to make more office paper. Tissue paper, paperboard, office supplies, magazines, and other paper products can also be made from it. Lower-quality papers, such as colored paper, stock paper, and ground wood papers, are used to make cardboard, tissues, newspapers, and toilet paper.

Cardboard Recycling

Corrugated cardboard is a three-layer brown kraft paper material that is stiff, strong, and lightweight. Many storage containers are already made of recycled materials or lumber industry byproducts such as shavings and wood chips. When cardboard is recycled, it can be used to make products such as milk cartons, paperboard, paper towels, tissues, and printing or writing paper. It is also used in the production of more corrugated cardboard.

Magazine Recycling

You may believe that because glossy paper is used in the production of magazines, they cannot be recycled. The process that makes the paper glossy, on the other hand, does not contaminate the paper in just about any way. Newspaper, tissues, writing paper, and paperboard are all made from recycled magazines.

Newspaper Recycling

Although most newspapers contain a high percentage of recycled fiber, newspapers can be recycled further to make cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, pencil barrels, shopping bags, paper towels, new newspapers, and other products such as cellulose insulation.

Unwanted Mail

When you receive unsolicited mail, such as flyers, catalogs, or coupons, you should have it recycled.

Phone Directories

Have you ever thought about re-purposing your old phone books? If you haven’t already, you should. Phone book pages are completely recyclable and are frequently repurposed to create new phone books.

Used Paper Towels

You may believe that recycling used paper towels with other paper is a smart option, but this is not the case. Soiled paper towels may contain contaminants that, if mixed in, could spoil an entire volume of recyclables. Although recycling centers wash the recycled paper they receive, there is no way to eliminate grease from the paper’s fibers. This can result in oil spots or even holes in a new batch of paper.

Paper towels are also made from recycled paper, which means the fibers are too short to be useful in the production of new paper products. The good news is that because of their short fibers, they decompose quickly and can also be added to a compost pile, particularly if they are unbleached and not overly soiled.

Contact Ready2go Dumpsters

If you aren’t already involved in a recycling process, start now by contacting us. If you want to recycle, make sure you’re doing it correctly. Knowing what can be repurposed is a good place to begin. Most packaging materials and paper items can be recycled.

If you ever find yourself with paper and are unsure what to do with it, please contact Ready2go Dumpsters for more information. If you’re prepared to make your department a more eco friendly environment, give us a call today and let us handle your recycling needs. Call us now or use the contact form.

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