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Stop People From Using Your Dumpster –

If you own a business, you know that having a dumpster on your property is essential for keeping the place clean. But what do you do when people use your dumpster without permission? Here are some tips for keeping unwanted guests from using your dumpster.

Lock It Up Your Dumpster

Dumpster locks are a great way to deter people from using your dumpster without permission. You can purchase a padlock specifically designed for garbage cans and bins at most hardware stores. Attach the lock to your dumpster’s handles and ensure it is locked whenever you’re not using it.

Build a Fence Around Your Dumpster

You can also erect a fence around your dumpster to make it more difficult for people to access. A chain-link fence is an affordable option that allows you to easily get to your dumpster when needed. Just be sure to leave enough space between the fence and the dumpster so you can still open the lid.

Put a Warning Sign on Your Dumpster

Another option is to put signs around your property stating that trespassing is not allowed. You can also include a specific warning about using the dumpster without permission. If people see these signs, they may be less likely to use your dumpster without your consent.

Hire a Guard Dog For Your Dumpster

This one’s a bit extreme, but if you don’t want anyone snooping around your trash, hire a guard dog. Just make sure that the dog is well-trained and won’t pose a danger to those who are innocently walking by.


Keeping unwanted guests from using your dumpster can be easy. Using locks, fences, or signs can deter people from using your property without your permission. So if you notice someone using your dumpster without your consent, try out these tips and see if they help. Contact us for more information about our dumpster management services in Florida.

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