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Curbside Trash Pickup –

Ready2Go Dumpsters provides weekly curbside trash service, bi-monthly recycling collection, and monthly curbside bulk collection. Additionally, we provide quality waste management services, including weekly trash collection and recycling collections every two weeks.

Customers are provided with two garbage and recycling carts, which are collected curbside every other week. We also provide residents with additional recycling carts upon request, and customers can exchange their carts as necessary. Residents can access their weekly collection schedule via the internet or by calling customer service. If a customer misses a garbage or recycling collection, they can notify the us, and it will be collected the next day. Each week, customers may place out no more than two trash bags for collection.

On the day of collection, residential garbage collection can begin at 5 a.m., and customers must have their trash out by that time. In addition, we can give you information about where residents can drop off household trash and yard waste for free, as well as a recycle map to help residents locate centers and services in their area.

Along with curbside collection, all residential clients are serviced by waste recyclables contractors whose residents are eligible for free weekly curbside recycling pickup. Some municipalities offer additional services, such as bulk item collection and hazardous waste drop-off days, to their residential customers in an effort to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. We can handle this for you. The county encourages all residential customers to utilize services like ours to optimize their garbage collection service.

Curbside Collection Services

Customers with curbside collection services are able to separate their garbage, food, and yard waste at the curb for proper disposal. Residential customers are also eligible for recycling programs. We provide curbside collection services for properties with mixed uses, including single-family homes and other residential properties. Customers can easily separate their garbage from food and yard waste items such as furniture and appliances for regular curbside collection. Additionally, we provide special collection services for large items such as furniture and appliances that cannot be placed in standard trash cans.

Yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, and tree limbs, are also included in curbside garbage collection. You can have your yard debris collected on your regular collection day or in large bulk waste carts. Plastic bags are also accepted for recycling, and the vast majority of grocery stores carry plastic bags that can be used to collect grass clippings. Each day, two bags of household waste will be collected, along with branches and furniture that may need to be disassembled.

Solid Waste Services has enacted an ordinance that modifies the City Code regarding trash collection at the curb. Each household can receive a 14-gallon garbage bag, and an additional fee will be charged for each additional bag. Scheduled supplemental yard waste collection and advanced disposal of items such as appliances are available as well. Contact us for more information to learn about our junk removal and trash collection services.

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