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Recycling and Dumpster Rentals in Florida –

At Ready2Go Dumpsters, we are passionate about sustainable waste management practices, and one critical aspect of this commitment is understanding and supporting recycling collection methods in Broward County, Florida. Recycling is an essential part of reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impact. Broward County has made significant strides in establishing efficient recycling collection methods, primarily involving curbside recycling, drop-off centers, and special collection events.

Curbside Recycling: Convenience at Your Doorstep

Curbside recycling is a widely adopted method of waste collection in Broward County and across the nation. This convenient approach allows residents to sort recyclable materials at home and place them in designated recycling bins. The County provides these bins, usually distinguished by their blue color, making it easy for households to separate recyclables from other waste.

How It Works

On scheduled collection days, residents place their filled recycling bins at the curb or designated pick-up area. Recycling trucks visit these locations to collect the recyclables, which are then transported to recycling facilities for processing. The collected materials typically include paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals.


Curbside recycling encourages community participation in recycling efforts. It is convenient, as residents can easily integrate recycling into their daily routines. Moreover, this method significantly reduces the amount of recyclable materials ending up in landfills.

Drop-off Centers: Promoting Accessibility and Participation

Drop-off centers play a vital role in making recycling accessible to residents who may not have access to curbside recycling or have accumulated larger amounts of recyclables that exceed curbside bin capacity.

How It Works

Broward County operates multiple drop-off centers strategically located across the region. Residents can bring their recyclables directly to these centers during designated hours. Facilities are equipped with bins and containers to collect different types of recyclable materials.


Drop-off centers offer flexibility, enabling residents to recycle at their convenience. They are particularly useful for individuals in multi-unit housing or those who may have missed curbside collection days. These centers enhance recycling rates by providing additional options for waste diversion.

Special Collection Events: Engaging the Community

Special collection events are organized periodically to encourage and incentivize recycling among Broward County residents. These events promote proper disposal of specific items, often those not suitable for regular curbside recycling.

How It Works

Special collection events are scheduled and widely advertised in advance. Residents can gather their designated recyclable items and bring them to the event location. Qualified personnel and recycling companies are present to collect and ensure proper disposal or recycling of the materials.


Special collection events are excellent for educating the community about responsible waste disposal. They give residents the opportunity to recycle uncommon items like electronics, household hazardous waste, or large appliances, which may require specialized recycling facilities.

In conclusion, recycling collection methods in Broward County, particularly curbside recycling, drop-off centers, and special collection events, play a vital role in diverting recyclable materials from landfills and promoting a sustainable environment. By actively participating in these initiatives, residents can contribute to conserving natural resources and reducing the overall environmental footprint. Ready2Go Dumpsters is dedicated to supporting and advocating for responsible waste management, including recycling, for a greener and healthier Broward County. Contact us to learn more.

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